Why Should I Hire a Local Illinois Car Accident Attorney? 

A local Illinois car accident attorney brings invaluable insights and expertise to your case. Such a professional is deeply familiar with Illinois traffic laws, local court procedures, and the community. The attorney can also effectively negotiate with insurance companies to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. 

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Automobile Accidents in Illinois? 

In Illinois, you have two years to file a lawsuit for personal injuries resulting from an automobile accident. For property damage, the statute of limitations extends to five years. 

What Standard of Negligence Does Illinois Apply to Car Accident Cases? 

Illinois applies a modified comparative negligence standard. Under this rule, a plaintiff is barred from recovering damages if they are more than 50% at fault, as per 735 ILCS 5/2-1116. 

Is Illinois a Fault or No-Fault State Regarding Automobile Accidents? 

Illinois is a fault state, meaning the party found to be responsible for the accident is also liable for covering the damages incurred. 

What Are the Minimum Automobile Insurance Requirements in Illinois? 

Illinois mandates that all drivers carry liability insurance of at least $25,000 for the injury or death of one person, $50,000 for the injury or death of more than one person, and $20,000 for property damage. Additionally, liability policies automatically include uninsured motorist coverage at the state’s minimum requirements. 

What Insurance Provisions Apply to Rental Cars in Illinois? 

Owners of rental vehicles in Illinois must prove financial responsibility by obtaining adequate insurance coverage. However, car rental companies can include contractual terms that shift primary liability to policies covering the lessee. Neither the Vehicle Code nor public policy mandates that rental companies provide primary coverage. 


Illinois Accident Guidelines 

What to Do After an Illinois Car Accident 

Should you be involved in a traffic accident in Illinois, it’s crucial to stop your vehicle in a safe place and attend to anyone injured. Call emergency services and refrain from moving injured persons, as this may exacerbate their condition. 

Information Exchange 

Exchange pertinent information with all parties involved. This includes names, addresses, driver’s license numbers, insurance information, vehicle descriptions, and license plate numbers. Take note of any witnesses and their contact details. 

Crash Reports 

In Illinois, every driver involved in an accident-causing death, injury, or property damage exceeding $1,500 must file a crash report. File this with the local police department, sheriff’s office, or Illinois State Police promptly if law enforcement does not arrive at the scene. 

Filing a Report with the Illinois Department of Transportation 

You must also submit a report to the Illinois Department of Transportation within 10 days of the accident. Failure to file a report can result in fines or jail time. 

Determining Liability 

Liability in a car accident lawsuit will hinge on the evidence presented, Illinois law, and other factors. Supporting evidence is crucial to prove another party’s negligence led to the accident. You may either receive a settlement or proceed to court where liability and compensation will be determined.