Funeral Home Staff Shocked to Find “Deceased” Woman Alive 

In a stunning turn of events, staff at the Butherus-Maser & Love Funeral Home in Lincoln, Nebraska, discovered that a 74-year-old woman, who had been pronounced dead at a hospice earlier that day, was still breathing. The incident has raised serious concerns about the quality of care provided in hospice facilities and the potential for hospice care abuse.

5 Key Points

  • Constance Glantz, 74, was declared dead at a hospice and transferred to a funeral home.
  • A funeral home employee discovered Glantz was still breathing while preparing her body.
  • The employee immediately called 911, and funeral home staff performed CPR on Glantz.
  • A doctor had seen Glantz at the hospice who signed her death certificate.
  • The incident has prompted an investigation into potential hospice care abuse.

Woman Declared Dead at Hospice, Transferred to Funeral Home

Constance Glantz, a 74-year-old woman, was believed to have passed away while receiving care at a hospice facility in Nebraska. After being pronounced dead, Glantz was transferred to the Butherus-Maser & Love Funeral Home in Lincoln on Monday morning. However, a shocking discovery was made when a funeral home employee who was preparing Glantz’s body for the funeral realized that she was still breathing.

Funeral Home Employee Calls 911, Staff Performs CPR

Upon discovering that Glantz was alive, the funeral home employee “instantly called 911,” according to Lancaster County Chief Deputy Ben Houchin. The authorities were immediately summoned to the funeral home, and the staff began performing CPR on Glantz before she was transported to a local hospital.

Doctor Signed Death Certificate at Hospice

The incident has raised questions about the procedures followed at the hospice facility where Glantz was receiving care. Before being transferred to the funeral home, Glantz had been seen by a doctor at the hospice who signed her death certificate, declaring her deceased.

Investigation Underway, No Criminal Charges Pending

The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office has launched an investigation into the incident. Chief Deputy Houchin stated, “We have not been able to find any criminal intent by the nursing home, but the investigation is ongoing.” Despite the alarming nature of the incident, no criminal charges are currently pending.

Concerns About Hospice Care Abuse and Quality of Care

This unusual case has brought attention to the issue of hospice care abuse and the quality of care provided in hospice facilities. The fact that a woman was wrongly pronounced dead and nearly buried alive highlights the need for stringent oversight and improved practices in hospice care to ensure the safety and well-being of patients.