Clark County Assistant Principal Faces Child Sex Charges

In a disturbing case of alleged sexual misconduct, a Clark County School District (CCSD) assistant principal has been arrested on child sex charges. Dr. Howard Hughes, employed at Del Webb Middle School in Henderson, Nevada, faces multiple counts of contacting a minor for sex and unlawful contact with a child. The arrest warrant reveals troubling details about Hughes’ interactions with a student, shedding light on the ongoing issue of sexual abuse within the school district.

5 Key Points

  • CCSD assistant principal Dr. Howard Hughes arrested on child sex charges
  • Warrant reveals inappropriate comments made to a student, including “I wish you were an adult already.”
  • Hughes allegedly offered the student to spend time in his office for personal and mental health problems
  • Multiple people, including the school’s principal, identified Hughes’ voice in audio recordings
  • Hughes resigned from his position and is not allowed on campus

Clark County School District Sexual Abuse

A Disturbing Pattern The arrest of Dr. Howard Hughes is the latest in a series of sexual misconduct cases involving CCSD employees. In the same week, three additional arrests were made:

  • CCSD staff member arrested on sex charges involving student
  • CCSD counselor arrested on Utah warrant for sexual abuse of minor
  • CCSD employee arrested after apparent recording device found in Las Vegas elementary school

These incidents highlight the alarming prevalence of sexual abuse within the school district, raising concerns about student safety and the vetting process for school employees.

Inappropriate Comments and Grooming Behavior

According to the arrest warrant, five audio recordings of interactions between Hughes and the student date back to October 2023. The relationship allegedly began when Hughes offered the student the opportunity to “spend time in his office for personal and mental health problems.” This apparent grooming behavior allowed Hughes to gain the student’s trust and vulnerability.

The recordings captured Hughes making inappropriate comments to the student, including the disturbing statement, “I wish you were an adult already.” Multiple individuals, including Del Webb Middle School’s principal, Heather Mounts, identified Hughes’ voice in the recordings taken on February 13, February 28, and March 5, 2024.

Flight to Texas and Resignation

On March 20, 2024, the CCSD Police Department received information that Hughes had left the state. Surveillance at his residence showed no signs of Hughes, with only his black Chevrolet parked in the driveway. Hughes had sent a text message to the school’s principal, stating that he had flown to Texas.

Following the arrest warrant, the 61-year-old Hughes resigned from his position at Del Webb Middle School, where he had been employed since January 2022. CCSD officials have stated that Hughes will not be allowed on campus.

Charges and Legal Consequences

Dr. Howard Hughes faces a total of six charges: three counts of contact or attempt to contact a minor by a person of authority for purposes of sex and three counts of unlawful contact with a child. These severe charges carry significant legal consequences and underscore the severity of the alleged offenses.