Jaguar’s Kicker Brandon McManus Accused of Sexual Assault on Team Flight

NFL Kicker Accused of Sexually Assaulting Two Women

A lawsuit filed in Duval County Circuit Civil Court on Friday night accuses NFL kicker Brandon McManus of sexually assaulting two women during the Jacksonville Jaguars’ overseas flight to London last year. The women, identified as Jane Doe I and Jane Doe II, seek more than $1 million in damages and demand a jury trial.

5 Key Points

  • The two women allege that McManus rubbed himself against them and grinded against them during the flight.
  • The lawsuit also accuses the Jaguars of failing to supervise McManus and create a safe environment for staff serving the team.
  • McManus’ attorney denies the allegations, calling them “fictitious” and an “extortion attempt.”
  • The Jaguars and McManus’ current team, the Washington Commanders, have acknowledged the lawsuit and are investigating it.
  • The women claim to have experienced severe mental anguish, anxiety, and distress due to the alleged incidents.

Allegations Against McManus and the Jaguars

According to the lawsuit, Jane Doe I and Jane Doe II worked as flight attendants on the Jaguars’ charter flight to London on September 28, 2023. They allege that the flight “quickly turned into a party,” with McManus and other players disregarding the flight attendants’ personal space, air travel safety, and federal law.

Jane Doe I accuses McManus of trying to kiss her during a session of turbulence and grinding up against her twice while she was serving meals. Jane Doe II alleges that McManus grinded up against her during the second meal service and smirked when she confronted him.

The lawsuit also alleges that the Jaguars committed gross negligence by failing to properly hire, train, and supervise McManus, as well as failing to adopt policies to protect flight staff from sexual misconduct.

Responses to the Sexual Assault Allegations

McManus’ attorney, Brett R. Gallaway, denies the allegations, calling them “fictitious” and an “extortion attempt.” The Jaguars and the Washington Commanders, McManus’ current team, have acknowledged the lawsuit and are looking into the matter.

Jaguars coach Doug Pederson said Monday was the first time he heard about the allegations against McManus. He would not describe the atmosphere on the chartered flight as a party. He also mentioned that the seating arrangement on the flight is somewhat separated.

The Impact on the Alleged Victims

The lawsuit states that due to the alleged sexual assault, the two women have experienced severe mental anguish, anxiety, psychological and emotional distress, embarrassment, and humiliation. They have also been removed from the core crew that staffs Jaguar’s charter flights, which they had worked hard to achieve.